Day 02 – The Least Favorite Song


Sorry 2NE1. Despite of the fact that 2NE1 is actually a very talented group with remarkable music style, this song is totally a failure among all their songs so far.

Honestly I was actually excited when I saw the music video. However as soon as the music comes up my attitude turned 180°… The beat is over-digital and sounds too much like something played in dark dirty clubs, then the endless “내가 제일 잘 나가 (I am the best)” repetition without even any emotion or melody (it was plainly “talked” out) does nothing but make me feel like my computer stopped responding. Then finally they started to sing, however the melody of the verses sounds so isolated from the climax that the song sounds like random unsuccessful pieces of melody being sewed up together just to create a complete song regardless of the quality of it. Through out the whole song, the background music is simply repeating again and again and again and again without any variety.

It surprised me so much that this song received such a HUGE fame and support once it came out. I don’t see any highlights, or point, of the whole melody.

Well there’s one thing that I liked about the song. The music video. The music video is fancy – pure fancies and art. Outfits, hairstyle, makeup, settings… Everything is fresh and creative as it has always been for 2NE1 – it’s a typical 2NE1 music video. Though a bit too much alike Lady Gaga’s style, this music video does a great job creating the feeling of digital coldness and the cool but superior pride (which is absolutely in sync with the song itself).

However the music video doesn’t justify the horrible quality of the song. This song is disappointing. I hope 2NE1 will have better songs later on.

*Note: Even though this song is a failure in my opinion, 2NE1 is a very unique korean pop group that does songs differently than others. Here are some great songs from them: Lonely; It Hurts (아파); Follow Me(날 따라해봐요); Go Away… Click on the link on their names to know more about this group.

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5 thoughts on “Day 02 – The Least Favorite Song

  1. I actually kinda like this song 🙂

  2. This is very electronic but well produced…. like i thought the theme was similar but way better quality song.

  3. Actually i love this song. You mentioned about dark dirty club – how hot is THAT !! Who does not want a song that can be played at under ground clubs !! HOT.

    I feel like chorus is rather empty… not really catchy.. but same is intro.. just yea. you know what i mean. right …..

    Except that i like the song, great song to dance to..

    i like it..

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