Day 04 – A Song That Makes You Sad

光良 – 童话 (Michael Wong – Fairytale)

This is a totally overplayed song in China… Nevertheless the song ie great – people never got sick of it no matter how overplayed it was…. Even now it’s still considered a good song, and I still like it too. Using solely piano and acoustic guitar as instruments, this music sounds pure and deep (by the effect of the drum beats). The melody is simple, but appealing. However, the most effective part of the song is the lyrics. The lyrics describes a boy trying to persuade the pessimistic girl that they will have a good ending,  but according to the music video, it can be also interpreted as the boy avoiding the truth that the girl is dying (that’s why she said that fairytales are all fake). The words are full of hope, but something deeper just gives a feeling of sadness instead of an “oath” of happiness.

The music video is such a cliche…. Asian dramas or just any kinds of storys LOVE to go like this: two people fall in love → one of the lovers get some deadly disease or got accident → one of the lovers dies at last and the other one’s heart breaks apart… However it successfully builds the sad tone of the song… At least I cried watching it.

Here’s a complete and continuous version of the song with both Chinese lyrics and English translation:

I hope this helps you understand the song without the distraction of the MV (yeah MV’s always distract no matter how bad or good they are…) 

*Note: Michael Wong (光良) is a Taiwanese (Chinese? Again I apologize for my ambivalence about this nationality.. But generally I would put all Chinese speaking music into Chinese Pop category, hope that doesn’t bother you 🙂 ) singer born in Malaysian. He has been around since 1993 and his songs are known for simplicity, tenderness and lyricism. Soft songs are his strengths. Click on his name to know more about him.

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