Day 05 – Song That Reminds You of Someone

Orange Range – Hana (オレンジレンジ – 花/ Flower)

Hana is the theme song for Be With You (いま、会いにゆきます), a moving and quiet movie about love and family. As a theme song for a movie, Hana exceeds the expect an ending theme song usually get and contours the atmosphere of the movie very well.

The voices of the members of Orange Range are very different from the others with their own characteristics, but they blend into a tuneful voice. Their voices always give me a feeling of freeness and warmth for life.

So the point of this song is that it reminds me of someone. (Yeah it’s getting a bit personal here but that’s the point of 30 day song challenge right 🙂 ) Hana reminds me of Jade Chiu, my life-time friend since middle school. She is a fan of Orange Range even thought they are not that popular, and during weekends she would grab me and force me to listen to their songs and watch movies and dramas that were “theme-songed” by them. During the hard times when we were studying to death for tests and exams, Orange Range’s songs partnered us through those dark sleepless nights catching up homework.

Coming from the ocean-based and blue-sky-featured Okinawa as an alternative rock band, Orange Range gives me a special feeling that no other bands can give: expanse, freedom, and fire. I have to admit that Orange Range is a great band – they insist their own music style under pressures from agencies and trends of the pop music, and they actually succeeded with drama and movie theme songs.

One great example is Ikenai Taiyou, the opening song for an extremely popular and successful Japanese drama Hana Kimi.

I believe hardly anyone that pays attention to Japanese pop culture would not recognize the melody of this song, or at least the feeling of it that comes immediately with the drama. Though the whole song was cut to only 30 seconds for the opening of the drama, the effect was tremendous – the CDs of Ikenai Taiyou were sold in Japan with the speed how ipods are sold. People may argue that the CD was successful because the drama was stunning, nevertheless, when people watch the drama, they also think of the song – in a way, the song helped the drama too.

Orange Range also did lots of opening songs for anime’s. For example, Asterisk for Bleach:

and Viva Rock for Naruto:

Don’t these songs sound familiar (if you’ve been a fan for Bleach and Naruto for your whole life like me)?

Orange Range, in a way, gave these famous works a spirit that can link them to life using their music. There are lots of other opening songs of course, and they are great too – I’m not saying all the other ones are not as good, but Orange Range certainly did a remarkable work.

Now that Orange Range had broken off from Sony and actually started their own music company, they can do their own music more freely, and I hope they will have an even brighter future. And of course, best wishes to Jade Chiu, who’s busy working on college applications and separated from me across the ocean.

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