Day 06 – Song That Reminds You of Somewhere

Yui – Rolling Star

Another opening song for Bleach! I didn’t do this intentionally, but these memorable songs just happen to be associated with animes.

I think of Oxford, England when I listen to this song. I went to Oxford in the summer of 2008, and during the trip in Oxford for 2 weeks alone, this song accompanied me passing the graffiti walls, passing the old silent churches, passing those local stores with strange but fresh feelings, on those wet flaggings and in those left-doored decker buses. Those days were alone, but not lonely – they were rather peaceful and tranquil than lonely. Even this warm-blood and rock song full with fire and energy emerge into part of the tranquility of the trip. Nevertheless, Rolling Star is a song full of the spirit of teenage and passion, and Yui’s clear voice makes it fresh and crispy.

*A Little Note About The Artist: Yui is called “the Asian Avirl Lavigne”, which I can’t agree about. Yui, though also sing rock songs with her innocent face and rather sweet and girly voice, has such a different style of rock than Avirl Lavigne does. Avirl Lavigne’s music is rebellious, loud, irritative and poignant (in a good way), while Yui’s music is more hot-blooded and passionate – and it has a very typical Japanese rock style in it. (However both of these two girls are going soft recently… Where did the spirit go?!) Click on Yui’s name to know more about her.

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