JYJ – Get Out

After leaving SM Entertainment, the music style of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu completely flipped inside out, appealing to the audience the music they truly believe in.

Beginning with smooth piano instrumental and heartbeat effect, “Get Out” makes a very fluent melody. The heartbeats and Yoochun’s hoarse voice at the opening monologue grabs listeners’ heart and sets the dramatic atmosphere– it’s emotional, at the same time Yoochun expressed it so well that the voice sounds so disappointed, calm, even numb.

Throughout the whole song, the three singers sing with shivering voice – the song is filled with emotion: the heartbreak, the cry toward the girl, and the determination to leave her at last. It sounds so real that it affects my emotion too – and this is one of the traits of Korean music: singers focus more on the expression of emotion through singing rather than the plain skill of singing.

It’s easy to see that in “Get Out”, the song writers – who are Jaejoong and Yoochun themselves, really put heart into the creation of the song instead of trying to use the cliché of “addicting melody”that current Korean pop industry abuses to achieve the goal of great acceptance and popularity among listeners.

However, the song is not close to perfect.

Even though not using the addicting melody “technique”, the song seems hasty, and the “Ayyyy, Ohhhh”, “B-bye” and “Yeah-yeah” in the background at climax appear random and inept – they seem to be there just to be there, they don’t fit into any meaning of the song, nor the emotion the song has. Because of this mistake, the R&B flavor is a bit too strong in Get Out – and the R&B arrangement is a overused one too.

Also, the pitch of the song is set too high. Yes JYJ do have a board voice range, but this should not be used to show off – the effect can be opposite to what they intended. The high pitch of Get Out resulted in a hollowness of the three’s voice, making them sound like they are squeezing their vocal chord trying to hit the note for the whole time. Their voices sound painful (which is actually relevant to the song’s meaning) and smother the strength that should be included in their voices.

Speaking about the music video, “Get Out”has such a better quality than “Ayyy Girl” in any aspects – outfits, hairstyle, dance, background, storyline…

The dark and sharp outfits in “Get Out”definitely shows their muscularity and manliness compared to the outfits in“Ayyy Girl” with strange stripes, holes and all kinds of unreasonable openings and decorating pieces that mislead western audience into a feeling of “gayness” (no offense if you would please excuse me). The tuxedos also build up the figures of “gentleman”, and the clean and shorter hairstyle make them look less messy and more handsome. Instead of trying to use digital editing to create fancy palace, the actual street setting gives a natural feeling. Even the music itself, despite of some flaws, sounds stronger than the shaky melody in “Ayyy Girl”. It’s such a pity that it’s “Ayyy Girl” that was promoted in the US instead of “Get Out”.

After the second chorus, lights go off, music softens. Though without fancy dance movements or any crazily complicated music compositions, the special part of the song thrills me simply through the sudden “silence”and the thunder sound effect. It’s not fancy, but still delicate.

However, there are some aspects of this music video that just appears disappointing. Even though JYJ is trying to get out of that “idol” model, I don’t think they should ignore the talents of each individual – for example, the dancing skill of Junsu: (and here’s an example of his dance: Xiahtic)

It’s just such a disappointment that throughout the whole music video Junsu was just simply blended into the other two. Even at the special part, where they could have inserted a solo dance, nothing happened.

Though not immaculate, JYJ’s Get Out really shows us what music they truly believe in, and I believe as they practice writing songs more and more, JYJ’s songs will get better.

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13 thoughts on “JYJ – Get Out

  1. saphirya on said:

    I really liked your review, I didn’t paid attention to this the first that I heard it probably ’cause I was happy to see them doing something good without being with a big label as SM.
    In fact the only thing that annoyed me was the sensor, I mean, I know that “f*** you!” have more impact, but they could use ” Get lost” instead, that way we will not heard a damn “beep” sound…

    • Yeah, I KNOW! I am so sick of SM’s pure commercialized marketing… SM doesn’t do music any more. They make money.
      I am actually happy with the “get lost” cuz I think it’s still kind of not the right time for them to swear in their songs even if the swear words won’t get sensored. You know.. They are still in that idol mode (a bit, but on their own), and Koreans seldom swear in English in their songs. So I guess it’s fine to me ^_^
      Thanks for commenting! I enjoyed your opinions~

      • saphirya on said:

        The funny thing about SM is that I pass my time to bashing them but I’m an E.L.F, in fact it,s probably the reason why I don’ t like SM…
        anyway back to the main topic…
        I think it’s just doesn’t fit with them…I mean BigBang, Block B and even B.A.P I will probably accept it more ..

  2. theblackcat1236 on said:

    I liked the high key, because they sounded like they were straining their voices, it gave the effect of them screaming at the girl to get out. Everything else I generally agree with, especially the typical R&B sound, besides the dance solo. I hate dance solos. The music video looked so awkward. They just sit in a car, wander aimlessly into the shaddiest looking back alley-way, and bang on a fence for four minutes. I think they were trying to represent the banging on a fence version of themselves as the ‘inner them’ as they walk looking like a kicked puppy, but they didn’t go anywhere with it and it ended up being pretty dull.

  3. I really enjoy your earnest reviews of Korean pop culture which has been feeding Korean Entertainment industries with insatiable appetite for money and vogue.

  4. I didn’t think that the clothes in ‘Ayyyy Girl’ were “gay”, but I did think that the person who kept throwing themself at the camera INNN SLOWWW MOTIONNNN was very weird.

  5. AKSimple on said:

    oh English!!!pls forgive my poor English.I can’t leave a lot of word.HAHA.

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