K. Will (케이윌) – I Need You (니가필요해):

Of course Korea doesn’t only have idols, young girl groups and young boy groups. Even though I personally don’t dig deep into K-indie or heavy K-hip-hop, I have to admit that Kpop does have lots and LOTS of music gems hiding behind the huge idol-dominant music industry. And K.Will is definitely one of them.

As the title indicates, this song is a call-out from a man who deeply loves his lover and “needs her all the time”. Based on the title, the tone of the song remains ambiguous, and to me it seems to be another sad crying-out and heart-tearing song – especially when I watched and heard the teaser in which Yeo Jin Gu (the boy) cries and yells “Bora…. Bora! Where are you!”

And I was so wrong. The tone of the song is delicately and subtly controlled: it is upbeating yet strongly appealing, it is sweet but slightly sad as if the man is begging. The verses are illustrated mostly within 5 low pitches while the melody jumps back and forth, repeating at the top two pitches for a few times – this creates a cute and casual feeling. Then within 2 seconds of transition, the core of the “I need you” emotion is pushed out as the chorus raises the pitches and changes scale. The bridge falls a bit back to the casual tone, then again raises as K.will pulls out the long note, neatly bringing the chorus back. By ending with two soft sighing “I love you”, the contradicting emotion of the song is brought together perfectly. “I Need You” contains so many different strings of emotions, yet it altogether makes perfect sense. The melody is rounded and varied as the emotion changes, and the transitions are incredibly smooth and tight despite of several scale changes. What the whole song brings me is a feeling of richness and fulfillment, a feeling similar to what the warm and delightful Honeydukes (yes that’s the sweets shop in Hogsmeade in Harry Potter) gives me.

Not to speak of K.will’s singing skill with emotion, K.will’s voice is nonnegligible in building the whole song. His voice is not too deep, yet rich and magnetic, which enables him to sing low pitches softly without sounding too heavy during the verses, and to yell out loud and penetrating for the chorus without becoming too sharp or weak. Without K.will’s voice, “I Need You” may never achieve the feeling it has right now. Imagine anyone from Boyfriend singing this song (their voices are light and high) – the “begging” and “appealing” feeling would be largely reduced. Imagine TOP from Bigbang or Yim Jae Beom singing this song (their voices are very low) – the verses would sound too heavy to be sweet and it could, just a bit, sound too sad or scary around the chorus. Again, not that these singers don’t have good voices, it’s just that for this song, “I Need You”, K.Will’s voice indispensable for building the very exact upbeating, sweet yet appealing feeling.

Over all, “I Need You” is a very well-rounded and rich song, it gives a very delicate emotion that’s very hard to depict, and K.will’s voice brings all the elements together, making it a piece of gem in Korean music industry.


* Pictures come from allkpop.com, boyfriendband.wordpress.com, cupcakefashionista.tumblr.com, and mhetm.blogpost.com. All rights about pictures, music, and music videos reserved to original authors and Starship Entertainment. No infringement intended.

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