So I Call This a “Comeback”?

Hello everybody!

Sorry for being dead for more than half a year. I still checked this website from time to time but I just couldn’t sit down and start writing. Isn’t it a bit ironic that Asian music (well namely Korean music) invaded the world deeply while I was away? Oh, Psy. I could have written some long, boring essay on your Gangnam Style. Just kidding.

I feel so guilty not writing about so much music that I want to talk about… and abandoning you guys who may want to read!

But now that I’ve decided to start writing again.

I promise to present you with more Asian music – they could be new or old, from any genre, with vocal or without… anything – coming along with my tedious, biased analysis 😛

Please stay tuned! And thank you all.



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3 thoughts on “So I Call This a “Comeback”?

  1. Oh yay you’re finally back!! I’ve been waiting for you 8D

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