K-Hunter(케이헌터) – 별이될래요 (I Will Be A Star): The Melody, The Voice, The Coziness

Recently I have been really obsessed with soft easy relaxing songs, and today let’s enjoy K-Hunter’s “별이될래요 (I Will Be A Star)”.

Album Cover K-Hunter

The tone of this song is very nice, it’s smooth yet bouncy, jazzy and breezy. The introduction with ocean wave sounds in the background magnifies the easiness of the song. The sounds of the instruments are thick and somewhat cloudy, instead of crisp and penetrating. Nothing over all points out poignantly, giving a round and rich finish to the song.

The melody of the song is also smooth and breezy, as there is no rapid rises and falls in melody. Instead of high notes, a simple yet very singable and fresh melody is presented at chorus, and the melody is repeated each chorus twice, first time with lyrics and the second time with freewheeling humming of “lalalalala”‘s, giving a very cozy atmosphere.

A song without much emotion rise and falls like “별이될래요” may tend to sound boring, but K-Hunter’s voice completely makes this song cozy yet bouncy, so that even though the song isn’t dramatic, it still sounds very cute and full of emotion. K-Hunter’s voice is, at least to me, somewhat coaxing: it’s a bit hoarse, but round and rich; it’s not masculine or deep, but at the same time it’s not squeaky or thin, nor does it sound androgynous. I’m not sure if this analogy makes sense, but to me, K-Hunter’s voice is like a piece of pine wood burning in fireplace, filling the space with its special beautiful smell while giving off warmness through dry and dull fire. With K-Hunter’s smooth singing and his comforting hoarse voice, “별이될래요” sounds cute and warm, breezy and smooth.

This song is released in K-Hunter’s mini album “사랑 배우기 (Learn To Love)”. Though it’s not the title song of the album, it has become my favorite out of the mini album. Check out K-Hunter’s other songs if you like his beautiful voice.


*All rights related to the picture and the song reserved to rightful owners. All rights related to the writing reserved to Asian Music Invasion.

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