What Is A.M.I. About?

First of all, welcome to A.M.I. (Asian Music Invasion), a blog about all kinds of Asian pop music!

Asian pop music has been developing rapidly for the last 20 years, and today the fans of Asian pop music come from all around the world. Yet, in the western world, Asian music is still minor and largely unknown compared to the familiar western music (well music in English particularly) people know.

There are lots of differences between the two: the style, the format, the groups, the dance, the idiosyncrasy, the focus… For example, compared to western music, Asian music focus more on emotion expression rather than the skill of singing, and temporary dancing/ singing groups are extremely popular. It’s common to see western audience blast into laughter when watching Asian boy groups dancing, awing about their “femininity” and judging their costumes that may show signs of homosexuality. But we all should know that it’s caused by the cultural differences. The numerous cultural differences create a huge hiatus that separates Asian music from the western world – and this bothers me. Just because of the cultural differences, so many great music and music videos that come along are left out and cannot be perceived and appreciated.

As an Asian studying in the US (so I am a foreigner), I see the these differences, these gaps, and these misunderstandings through my own eyes. They bother me. What a pity that the western audience can’t get a platform that both exhibit and explain Asian music to them?

And that’s the purpose of this blog.I don’t want to just have “another kpop fangirling blog” or “another Asian music review blog” – these blogs are usually restricted to a very small group of readers, and are typically not friendly to new comers, or anyone who doesn’t know much about Asian music. Instead, I want to create a stranger-friendly community where readers not only get to know Asian music, but also the Asian music industry in general.

As a result, I will not only write reviews for Asian songs but also introduce some traits and concepts of Asian music industry through the songs I talk about. I hope this blog would help broaden your sight to Asian music and Asian music industry. As an Asian music lover, I also hope you would start appreciating Asian music (if you haven’t yet) after reading my blog – let Asian music invade your music taste!   😀

Thank you, and have fun!




5 thoughts on “What Is A.M.I. About?

  1. I love your blog, too!

    I’ve just nominated you for not one but two awards! Before you break into a sweat, please read my post at:


    • Wooooow such an honor!!!! Thank you so much for your appreciation and nomination! ^_^ I will keep working~ I read ur post… It was great… Many great suggestions as well! Thx again~

      Yujie ^_^

      ҵ iPhone

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  3. aidoling on said:

    I love your blog, I just love it love it love it! It’s really detailed and you’re actually active… Lmao. Good luck!

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